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All the interaction and immersion of live exhibits hosted in, or extended to, a cloud-based virtual event environment.

Whether you want more space and capacity, global access to your audience, or if you have a limited budget, we design and deliver virtual environments and extensions that accomplish your goals.

To better track and analyze the success of your virtual or hybrid event, Impact XM offers our very own Experiential Business Intelligence (xBI) solution which covers everything from strategy and planning through to reports and dashboards.  

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Virtual Events

We handle every aspect of your virtual event from identifying the right virtual event platform to designing a stunning virtual environment that perfectly integrates your messaging, media, and other relevant content.

Virtual Exhibits

We understand a virtual user’s journey and purpose is much different than a live event attendee. We have become a proven pioneer in navigating this ever-changing virtual experience landscape because of our human understanding of their digital behaviors.

Virtual Environments

We have created virtual environments in the form of visitor centers, stores, showrooms, and even entire cities to tell brand stories through explorable online 3D environments that captivate visitors. Within these virtual worlds, we optimize your content and engagement to maximize impact and results.

Hybrid Experiences

We can apply a virtual extension to your event in a variety of forms, from hosting content on an event platform post-show to live streaming your full agenda. We will work with your team to identify and implement the right hybrid event solution for your brand.

Live-streaming & Webinars

Whether you’re looking to host a live virtual session or create evergreen content for future virtual events, our team of experts and our broadcast studio capabilities will empower you to design, develop, and execute secure livestreams and webinars.

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