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    Getting Real About the Power of Virtual Events

    Best practices and tips for producing a powerful virtual experience

    Virtual events have become increasingly more appealing to brands in recent years as they weave them into their current and future marketing strategies. With benefits such as global accessibility, reduced attendee costs, and rich analytics, virtual events and experiences offer new opportunities for brands beyond the limitations of a live environment.


    With the appeal of these benefits it is important to keep in mind that virtual events require the same care and attention when planning as that of their live counterparts. In this Impact XM spotlight, find out how to produce an effective virtual event that connects organizations to their target audience while driving business forward.


    Based on Impact XM’s experience in both live and virtual events, we have curated the following top 10 best practices for the development of a powerful virtual event. Our insights cover everything from picking a platform and creating an agenda to engagement ideas and analytic reporting.

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    A virtual event is a cloud or web-based experience where event attendees are able to interact in an online environment rather than meeting in a physical location. Virtual events can be an important complimentary counterpart to a live event or conference. Virtual events feature many of the aspects of live events, plus elements available only online. Applications for virtual events include user conferences, proprietary events, training and certification, product launches, internal sales meetings, exhibitions, and more.