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Hisense booth at CES 2022

After their virtual event in 2021, CES opened their doors and returned to Las Vegas, welcoming well over 40,000 attendees live in person. Hisense wanted to make a huge impression with their exhibit this year to catch the attention of attendees at one of the most influential tech events in the world.

Hisense challenged Impact XM with creating an exhibit that would wow and excite attendees through compelling demonstrations combining big screen TV’s, network functions and an incredible visual presence. Hisense wanted an experiential, outside the box solution that would strengthen and reinforce Hisense’s position as a KEY player in ULED,8K, Smart Home (Connected Home) and beyond.

Hisense also tasked Impact XM with producing the Hisense press conference and staffing the entire exhibit with about 20 brand ambassadors.


Impact XM created an experience with a wide variety of elements that gained a lot of traction from press and attendees.

 The 3 most popular features that Impact XM presented were:

 “The Cube” – The center hanging “Cube” design element was the first thing event goers noticed as they approached the exhibit. Showcased inside the cube were Hisense’s latest and greatest ULED TVs and the innovative technology they use inside of the products. Two of the overhead exterior facets were 14’ tall projection screens illuminated with color, motion, and gobo lights.  A smaller interior cube was also illuminated with bursts of color.

 Another highlight of this display included a live camera operator recording and broadcasting to Hisense’s ULED Broadcast Quality monitor and vignettes highlighting Hisense’s 2022 World Cup sponsorship and partnership with online gaming personalities. Impact XM and Hisense wanted to create an environment that was colorful, dynamic, and reflective of Hisense’s ULED stand out features.

The Laser TV Area – Hisense wanted to showcase their Laser TV, 4K short throw front projection product and they had several on display in this area.

 The layout of this booth was organized with Hisense’s 2 key products in mind, Hisense wanted to make sure visitors experienced these 2 areas. The ULED displays drew customers in at the most highly visible corner of the booth. The Laser TV area was highly visible from the ULED experiences, and the positioning of the dual screen demo was a natural draw to bring visitors through the booth. Large groups of attendees would gather in awe of its display because it was almost hard to believe it was a projection.

 The “alcove” presentation style detailed for the Laser TVs allowed the product to be prominently displayed without any indirect light interference.  The darkened display area allowed the products to shine in the best possible light.  The 120” Thichroma Laser TV display was a stunning visual that often had visitors just relaxing on the sofa taking it in.


The Connected Life Area – Impact XM and Hisense worked together to create a functional living space that integrated all of their smart home products, from smart lights to door handles.

 Inside the booth the Connected Home environment showcased a wide variety of appliances and demonstrated a fully connected home with kitchen, living, and laundry room environments.  The products were fully functional and connected with a large monitor mirroring the hostess’s phone as she demonstrated how the connected home experience delivered on Hisense‘s promise to make life better through technology.

 The Connected Life kitchen environment featured a bold black on black material pallet with cherry wood tones and stone floor for contrast.  Overhead a ceiling treatment of black slats with recessed lighting really gave the environment a touch of high-end sophistication.  This design feature was very popular and paired well with the products featured in this area which are marketed to high-end developers and designers.

 This part of the exhibit was constantly filled with attendees going through the demo. Hisense mentioned it was their most successful Connected Life demos to date.

The Hisense booth featured something for everyone, in addition to the vignettes for gaming, sports, and cinema there were areas of the booth dedicated to showcasing the types of great content available through Hisense’s available apps and OS platform.  Hisense also featured ATSC 3.0 ready televisions, dubbed “NextGen TVs” ready to provide great experiences that utilizes the upcoming broadcast standard.

 Impact XM managed to create this 14,800 square foot, eye-catching exhibit in about 8 weeks and Hisense was extremely satisfied, mentioning that this build quality was the best they have ever had.

Hisense booth at CES 2022
Hisense booth at CES 2022
Hisense booth at CES 2022


The eye-catching exhibit and immersive experience positioned Hisense as a viable option within the competitive landscape leading our client to claim the quality of the experience was the best they have ever had.

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