Weyerhaeuser At IBS

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Utilizing Weyerhaeuser’s products in a captivating way.

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For more than a century, Weyerhaeuser has been growing trees and making forest products that improve lives in fundamental ways. The Impact XM Account Team has worked together with Weyerhaeuser for over 18 years

Weyerhaeuser was looking for a fresh exhibit design to showcase their product lines at IBS. The unique design challenge set upon Impact XM was to utilize Weyerhaeuser’s actual product throughout the build, and to showcase their wood products in captivating ways.


Impact XM’s creative team spent time researching trends and creating vision boards full of unique wood treatments as well as intriguing storyboards to not only showcase the product, but to also tell the story of Weyerhaeuser along the way. The Impact XM team created a design concept that tells who Weyerhaeuser is from the roots of their trees through the distribution of their product.

The Weyerhaeuser booth had a unique hex ceiling structure that was fabricated out of Weyerhaeuser’s Trus Joist line and hung 16’ in the air from a truss system. Impact XM also fabricated “Trees” from various product lines, with the hex carpet inlay representing the roots of the trees following the ceiling structure design.

The trees featured samples of the different product lines and the tree branches connected to the ceiling pulling the design together as one cohesive flow. There were also tablet stands to access the product directories, media throughout the exhibit to interact with the brand, and a private meeting space. Everything from the tables to the reception desk, and even the dimensional letters were fabricated from various Weyerhaeuser products.

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