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Crafted to bring the great outdoors, indoors.

Weyerhaeuser IBS Exhibit

Put a new face to an old friend

For more than a century, Weyerhaeuser has been known for growing trees and making forest products that improve lives in fundamental ways. At IBS , Weyerhaeuser was looking for a fresh approach to their exhibit design including a refreshing way to display their product lines.


Inspiration and imagination from the ground up.

The Impact XM team has partnered with Weyerhaeuser for over 18 years and it’s because of that partnership and brand understanding that we were able to create a design that told their brand’s story in a whole new light.

We researched trends, both large and small, that led to the creation of vision boards – these boards inspired our selections of materials, architecture, and finishes. Additionally, we crafted a story about their products from their very foundation through the distribution to their valued customers.

Impact XM also imagined and fabricated a “gallery of trees” featuring samples from Weyerhaeuser’s various product lines. We designed a hex carpet inlay representing the roots of the trees following the “forest ceiling”’s structural design. All elements worked together to create one cohesive living space.

Further immersion was facilitated by tablet stands that allowed visitors to access product directories and a private meeting space became a hub for more in-depth conversation.

Weyerhaeuser IBS Exhibit


Everything from the tables to the reception desk and even the dimensional letters were designed and crafted to bring the quality of Weyerhaeuser products to life for the visitor – both literally and tangibly. Uniquely ownable and branded, this stunning space welcomed everyone to experience a bit of the great outdoors, indoors. Visitors could not walk away without garnering a better understanding and appreciation of Weyerhaeuser and its products.

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