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Longeviti booth at CNS 2021

As first-time exhibitors, medical device startup Longeviti Neuro Solutions, wanted to make a big splash in a sea of veterans at Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS). Their priority was to promote their revolutionary product, ClearFit, which allows Neurosurgeons to ultrasound patients through their skull without the need of being in the office. Longeviti wanted to quickly grab the attention of Health Care Professionals (HCPs) to generate interest and ultimately schedule demos.


Impact XM designed an eye-catching exhibit that told a story in a matter of seconds. From the overarching messaging of “A Clear Advancement” down to the eye level demos with phantom skulls and connected ultrasound devices, the exhibit became a literal representation of the product. Being the only exhibit on the show floor with a second level, the space was reserved for more thorough demos and deeper conversation.

Longeviti booth at CNS 2021


Given that CNS 2021 was Longeviti’s first time exhibiting, many HCPs were unfamiliar with their brand and product. Standing front and center in the exhibit hall, HCPs flocked to their exhibit and were so intrigued by their exhibit presence, they scheduled meetings with the team because they “had to know what Longeviti does”. While Longeviti had meetings booked in advance of the show, there were many more meetings booked on the show floor.