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Hisense at CES

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Evolving from past implementations

Best Of CES 2023 - Hisense Booth by Impact XM

Managing space and identity 

Impact XM had the privilege to design and build a refreshed experience for Hisense’s CES exhibit and press conference. The main design challenge we faced was how we could utilize a combination of existing and custom components but craft a consistent and updated brand experience for both the conference and exhibit spaces. The experience needed to showcase the new line of ULED and ULED X TVs, Laser TVs, connected home products, and a Live Cooking Demo, while maintaining a clear flow for attendees to be drawn through the exhibit experience. 


Strategic intent within all touchpoints 

Impact XM designed a hybrid exhibit using new and existing booth properties to maximize investment. We positioned the primary product displays and demos along the main aisle to establish an engaging focal point and draw visitors. We also implemented a unique waterfall feature to draw attention to the new ULED X TV displaythis large visual element created a dynamic focal point at the front of the booth without obstructing the screen displays.

Above the booth structure, several fabric ribbons highlighted with dramatic lighting were suspended overhead to draw visitors further into the exhibit. This area featured the secondary product displays and demos. Hisense’s 2023 ULED TV lineup U6/7/8 and ULED X all feature Mini LED technology. To help tell this story, we created a 3-sided centerpiece to highlight the ULED X, 8, and 7 TVs.

Using strategic space planning, we created a deliberate traffic flow inside the booth from ULED, through gaming and tech stories, towards smart home while planning for backofhouse and co-branded spaces. Roughly 65% of the booth was dedicated to these spaces with the remaining 35% dedicated to meeting spaces and back-of-house. We also integrated multiple partner vignettes in a cohesive presentation, while establishing a consistent wayfinding element that helped integrate various areas into the larger brand narrative. 

people gathered at the tradeshow exhibit
hisense ces 2023 waterfall exhibit


The use of the space and creative elements, such as the waterfall, were a hit with attendees and succeeded in drawing a crowd throughout the show. As a result of the well-crafted exhibit solution, the Hisense booth was ranked among the top 20 experiences in EXHIBITOR Magazine’s 2023 Best of CES List.

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