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BASF Corporation Commodity Classic

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Celebrating the Biggest Job on Earth


Honoring Hard Work

BASF Corporation, the world’s leading chemical company, sought to boost their brand awareness to the agricultural industry while setting itself apart from competitors. As an exhibitor at the Commodity Classic, BASF acknowledged the immense responsibility that farmers hold as they perform the “Biggest Job on Earth.” Their objective was to honor and pay tribute to farmers across the United States while showcasing their line of agriculture products. 


A Farming Family Affair

To achieve this goal, Impact XM devised a comprehensive strategy that in contrast to their previous approach of focusing on regional farmers, concentrated on four essential “product” areas: Herbicides, Seed and Seed Treatment, Fungicides, and Digital Tools. Considering the significant size of the Commodity Classic event, which attracted over 10,400 attendees, Impact XM designed the exhibit to capitalize on the main flow of traffic and each product area received its dedicated space, featuring striking graphic lightboxes, video monitors, and uniquely shaped detail counters.  

To engage attendees and gather valuable insights, BASF used a tablet-based program that prompted farmers with specific questions about their origins, crop types, and the challenges they face. The real-time responses were projected onto a centralized large LED video wall, forming an interactive map of the US. The map was color-coded based on the answers, with “push pins” indicating the locations of the attendees’ farms. The LED wall was also the focal point for mini press conferences and presentations. 

For smaller meetings, a semi-private meeting space at the back of the booth facilitated press interviews and discussions about potential employment opportunities for attendees interested in joining BASF.  

The show’s success was amplified as whole families of farmers attended, making the event a true family affair. 


BASF’s primary objective for attending events like the Commodity Classic is to bolster brand awareness across all its business units. The agriculture industry is one of the few spaces where BASF directly engages with end users. Impact XM achieved BASF’s goal of revitalizing the brand and promoting its products. 

Shane Dailey, Marketing Communications Manager at BASF, expressed his satisfaction with the results: “When the time came for BASF to update and refresh their presence at the 2023 Commodity Classic, Impact XM delivered, not only updating and refreshing, but more so reinventing. The team went beyond just designing what was in the space and conceived a unique, interesting, and exciting way to make use of the space we had. From color, to design, to layout, it stood out from every other exhibit on the trade show floor and created a great environment for our employees to engage with attendees. Our staff received many compliments on the exhibit from our senior leadership, attendees, media, and show organizers. There were even a few competitors that stopped by the exhibit to note that we had the best booth on the show floor.” 

Given the tremendous success and positive audience response of the exhibit experience, BASF has decided to reuse the same exhibit for another year. 


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