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Experiential Experts Podcast: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: How Event Marketers Can Empower Their True Potential

In this episode, Holly Zalenski of Impact XM chatted with Courtney Stanley to discuss imposter syndrome and the ways in which event marketers can overcome it to achieve their true potential.
For any event marketers, coordinators, or directors who are struggling or feeling burnout, she recommends “get back to your mission, dig deeper to what you love about the job specifically.” Mental health is a significant component of getting through those difficult times. “You can’t pour from an empty cup,” said Holly Zalenski, episode host. “I had to recognize that if I wasn’t in a great state mentally and emotionally, I was not going to be able to pursue that mission,” said Stanley.
Stanley shifted her to-do list to joy-focused things and found that joy brought momentum. It included things like interacting with people who energized her and her mental health, like journaling and working out.“It’s difficult to find work-life balance if you aren’t in the right environment,” said Stanley. Some environments are not supportive of striking that balance. If that’s the situation, Stanley recommends being open to alternative settings and points out that the current job market favors candidates. Later in the episode, Zalenski and Stanley discuss techniques to shift away from imposter syndrome. Stanley offers straightforward practices to combat imposter syndrome.

Listen to a snippet below:

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