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Longeviti Neuro Solutions

Exhibitor Online: Exhibit Design Eye Candy – Panel discussion recap 

To celebrate the final EXHIBITORInsight of the year and start the new year off with an early understanding of what’s hot and what’s not in the world of exhibit and experiential design, Impact XM’s Senior Vice President of Client Services, James Morris, was invited to participate in the panel discussion, hosted by Exhibitor Group, to reflect on the award-winning Longeviti Neuro Solutions booth 

Introduced at CNS 2022, the Longeviti booth was designed to promote the launch of ClearFit—an implantable neurosurgical device that allows surgeons scan and monitor patients’ brains using ultrasound technology—through the strategic use of storytelling in their booth. The focal point of the booth was a 19 x 19-foot silhouette of a head fabricated primarily from lightweight aluminum with a see-through skull element that directly references the cranial implants being promoted at the booth. The strategic approach to storytelling earned Longeviti a Silver Exhibit Design Award and really impressed the Exhibitor Group judges, stating that “Attendees knew right away that this exhibitor was going to be one that explores the mind.”  

With a primary company goal to introduce ultrasound back to the neurosurgeons, the ClearFit devices allows neurosurgeons to put a ‘window’ into the brain given that ultrasound does not penetrate through a skull. That window provides neuroscientists the opportunity to use ultrasound differently than they have in the past.  

Because [ClearFit] was so disruptive in the space, we really needed to draw in attendees and really identify who Longeviti was and what they do pretty quickly” explained James Morris during the panel discussion.  As the brand message was developed and analyzed, the Impact XM creative and strategy team initially looked into a travelling exhibit that showcased silhouettes and functions of dimensional pieces of different body parts. This thinking was then applied to help identify who Longeviti was and what they are doing in the space.  

There was curiosity from attendees to want to be able to come into the space and learn more about why there is a window into the brain”, stated James Morris.  

Dimensionality played a big role in establishing the brand narrative by giving the attendee the sense that they were entering into the brain itself. Because Longeviti Neuro Solutions is a challenger brand in a very established space, it was crucial to display that story differently.  

The story really was about different, understanding why it was different, and then wanting to learn more about the Longeviti product” explained James Morris. “Visual impact was paramount” given that this booth was sandwiched between two well-known competitors. Using such a different approach to the booth design helped establish brand reaffirmation with the attendees to ensure they are remembering the technology and benefits to both patients and doctors offered by Longeviti.  

Ultimately, the success of this booth design came down to one key piece of our strategic approach to helping a challenger brand break into an established space: “We did something different” 

You can download the full recording here

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