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We Bridge Expo 

  • Las Vegas
  • Brand Activations
  • Entertainment/Music

New opportunities. New accomplishments.

We Bridge Expo stage
We Bridge Expo audience 2023

Establishing a Scalable Music Expo Brand  

Launching a new music festival for the first time comes with its own set of challenges. Everything from visual identity and content development to experiential design and registration services had to be considered and developed from the launch.

With no precedent for execution, the audience of early adopters had no context or expectations for the event, making it difficult to sell tickets and secure sponsors. The main challenge was to build a compelling case for future events by proving that the festival could be executed successfully, providing a memorable experience for attendees, and attracting sponsorship.

Being a ticketed event, the festival presented budget limitations which required smart solutions to address the scale of the venue and cater to Asia-based sponsors and artists who may not be familiar with North American standards and regulations.

The venue which had been locked in by the promotional and talent agency, Infinite Prospects Entertainment (IPE), was a familiar space that presented its own set of advantages and challenges.

While Impact XM wasn’t directly involved in promoting ticket sales, we focused on creating a full expo experience while developing a blueprint for scaling the We Bridge Expo into a larger event that extended beyond a single genre of music. 


A Celebration of Art and Culture 

Impact XM played a crucial role in creating a meaningful festival experience that connected with its audience and long-term goals. The event aimed to bridge the West and East (hence the name ‘WE’ Bridge) through art, entertainment, fashion, and more.

Impact XM developed a complete brand identity for the We Bridge Expo brand and inaugural event, including the logo, tagline, graphic elements, colors, brand evolution planning, and strategy. The Expo was then designed for the predetermined venue to feature registration, ample photo opportunities, a message wall, a Dance Lab, art exhibitions, live painting, and a market area with food inspired by Asian cuisine.

The Grammy Museum stage merited its own dedicated space which featured artist engagements, interviews, and interactive sessions. Lighting played a significant role in creating an immersive atmosphere within the large, indoor space. To further support the cultural aspect, the festival partnered with a local Las Vegas non-profit association, OCA Las Vegas, that supported Asian-owned businesses.

Special experiences like “HiTouch” allowed attendees to have exclusive personal moments with their favorite artists through handshakes, high fives, and interactions. Extended meetandgreet sessions also allowed fans to get items signed, ask questions, and chat with their beloved artists.  

We Bridge Expo performance


The stage has now been set for a scalable and inclusive festival experience that can continue to expand on the success of the inaugural event. The We Bridge Expo brand and experience has been introduced to over 15,000 enthusiastic attendees and tens of millions of devoted social media viewers and followers, which has created an expectation for a bigger and better event for years to come.

We Bridge was also covered by 100+ targeted national and international media outlets including Rolling Stone Magazine, Business Insider, and Medium which earned exposure with countless industry subscribers and public readers as potential festivalgoers, sponsors, or vendors at upcoming events. With an audience comprised of active TikTok users, it was no surprise that hashtags, mentions, and posts around the We Bridge name and performing artists during the event generated impressions in the millions  .

“Somehow, in 5 short months, we managed to pull off this miracle We Bridge Expo. We couldn’t have done it without our amazing partners and friends. Thank you, team, for your countless hours, sleepless nights, and most importantly, your unwavering dedication and belief in this first-time event.”

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