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Under Armour Full Immersive Motivational Experience

In order to drive awareness and traffic to Under Armour’s new Factory House at the CrossIron Mills Mall amid the Stage 2 reopening in Alberta, Impact XM pulled out all the stops. The solution transformed their epic “Only Way is Through” anthem into a fully immersive experience that gave attendees the feeling of what it is like to be an athlete walking out to their adoring fans.

Under Armour Motivational Experience

Impact XM developed a unique, turnkey solution to build excitement around the opening of Under Armour’s new Factory House. This experience addressed the challenges of both Covid-19 and standing out among all the stores vying for customers attention.

Under Armour CrossIron Mills Activation

The immersive experience introduced visitors to a total sensory tunnel designed to replicate the athlete experience of walking from the locker room onto the field and being welcomed by adoring fans.

Under Armour Immersive Experience

Once attendees entered the experience, they were greeted with motivational voiceovers, imagery of pro-athletes like Steph Curry and The Rock, high energy music, and captivating lighting. The journey came to an end as they exited the tunnel, where they arrived at the entrance of Under Armour’s new store.

As a result of the event, there was a 300% increase in sales for the new location.

Under Armour Activation Setup

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