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Sunbelt RENTALS National Event

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Sunbelt Rentals Energizes for the Future  


Unveiling Sunbelt 4.0       

Sunbelt Rentals embarked on an ambitious endeavor: hosting a company-wide two-day internal conference to unveil their 4.0 strategy while honoring employees for their remarkable achievements in driving growth during the 3.0 era. With four years elapsed since the last conference, changes abound in the industry landscape, technology has advanced, customer expectations have shifted, and the company’s strategic trajectory has evolved. 

Unveiling the 4.0 strategy at this internal gathering was more than just a ceremonial gesture; it was a pivotal moment to synchronize the entire organization with the updated vision and direction. The conference aimed to serve as a conduit for conveying critical messages, offering glimpses into the company’s future, and uniting employees around shared aspirations and objectives.

Moreover, a renewed vigor needed to be sparked among employees, fostering a profound sense of identity and unity within the company, and catalyzing collaboration and synergy across various departments and regions. 

Impact XM was challenged to assume the role of the turnkey agency partner, tasked with orchestrating a seamless event experience that encapsulates the essence of Sunbelt’s culture at every touchpoint — from pre-event preparations to onsite engagements and post-event reflections. 


Win The Day   

Impact XM took the reins in orchestrating a national event where Sunbelt Rentals showcased its excellence through an immersive General Session and Exhibit Hall. Additionally, the overall creative of this event was left in the hands of Impact XM, which included branding, theme, and overall look-and-feel.

This event featured state-of-the-art Sunbelt Rental equipment, ample networking opportunities, and an exciting glimpse of forthcoming innovations. The event unfolded at two iconic venues in Atlanta: the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC) for the exhibit hall and the prestigious Mercedes-Benz Stadium for the general session.  

At the heart of the event was the “Anytown, USA” exhibit hall at the GWCC, a concept that ingeniously spotlighted Sunbelt Rentals diverse products and revenue streams in a variety of different scenarios and vignettes.

By transforming the space into a vibrant American town, complete with interactive displays and demonstrations, Sunbelt Rentals engaged attendees on a deeply personal and emotional level. This hands-on encounter not only allowed participants to interact physically with the products but also left an indelible mark by reinforcing brand messaging in a memorable and relatable way. 

The concept of the “Anytown, USA” exhibition created by Impact XM was truly groundbreaking, offering an immersive experience unparalleled in the industry. By transforming their product showcase into a familiar American town setting, Sunbelt Rentals captivated attendees. Some notable mentions are the innovation theatre, a life-sized operation game and battleship game, a music festival, a grocery store, and a hospital. 

Moreover, Sunbelt Rentals took their message to new heights by choosing the iconic Mercedes-Benz Stadium for their general session. This grand venue wasn’t just a backdrop; it underscored the importance of the company’s 4.0 strategy, vision, and dedication to excellence.

To complement this unique space, Impact XM designed a state-of-the-art stage featuring a massive 100′ x 33′ LED wall flanked by two 25′ x 33′ LED walls. The resulting setup, one of the largest ever seen in the stadium, allowed Impact XM to develop compelling motion graphics and content that effectively communicated Sunbelt Rental’s plans. 

Throughout the event, Impact XM seamlessly integrated storytelling and multimedia presentations to convey the client’s brand messaging and strategic direction. By crafting compelling narratives and leveraging visual content, we captured the audience’s attention and inspired them to rally behind the company’s objectives and brand standards. 

The success of this project, marked by the innovative “Anytown, USA” exhibition, the prestigious venue selection, and the team’s collective unwavering commitment to excellence, epitomizes Impact XM’s dedication to pushing boundaries and surpassing expectations.  


Impact XM’s ability to successfully execute a large-scale event speaks volumes about the team’s dedication, creativity, and capabilities. From concept development to logistics management, every aspect of the project was approached with professionalism and attention to detail, ensuring its success from start to finish. 

The event welcomed 5,000+ Sunbelt team members from the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., including managers, sales teams, senior leaders, and board members., This audience represented a blend of seasoned veterans and eager newcomers. In addition to the internal audience, the event drew over 100 investors, providing a compelling opportunity to showcase Sunbelt’s unique culture and differentiate it from competitors. 

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