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5 Reasons to Believe in the Congress Superchannel

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In today’s engagement-challenged environment, HCPs are prioritizing congresses because of the concentrated focus on new science and the pent-up demand to network with their peers in-person.  Therefore, through intersection of virtual, digital, and in-person channels, congresses are emerging as the SUPERCHANNEL that offers one of the most compelling platforms for HCP engagement.



Here are 5 reasons to believe in the Congress Superchannel:


1. Congresses are part of our DNA: We have an innate drive to socialize with our peers in-person. As David Meerman Scott says: “Humans crave physical interaction with other humans. We want to be part of a tribe of other humans. That’s baked into our neuroscience. Our brains thrive around being around people who are just like us.” Congresses are one of the few options for in-person networking and engagement with HCPs and congresses continue to have that irresistible draw.




2.Congresses create FOMO: Congresses deliver new, important, and timely scientific information curated by experts and typically rank in the top by HCPs for “sources of information” or “channels to learn from.” Congresses facilitate scientific discussion and peer networking. With the ongoing innovation in congress formats, there are a growing number of ways for HCPs to access breaking science that best meets their preferences, ensuring they don’t miss out.




3.Congresses are content generators: Meaningful content can seamlessly travel from pre- to post-congress engagement to build a cohesive story. Social media engagement spikes around congresses with the sharing of inspiration and excitement by attendees and companies alike. Content generated for congresses can be repackaged and reused by marketing automation platforms. Post-congress, key highlights can be repackaged as “snackable” recaps. Ultimately, select assets can be available on-demand through virtual platforms on an enduring basis.




4.Congress exhibits, there’s an app for that! Coming out of the pandemic, digital has emerged to become one of the main faces and interfaces for brands. The ease, organization and convenience of mobile apps are now informing the digital-first design of physical stores for leading brands such as Amazon, Walmart, Burger King and Chipotle. This digital-first approach is being applied to congress exhibit design to improve wayfinding, digital/physical synergy and brand consistency.




5.Congresses are omnichannel: The confluence of virtual, digital and in-person formats offers new opportunities for content and experiences. Integrated with marketing automation platforms, engagement will be more targeted, personalized, and measurable. Data and insights from congresses will inform and uplift other marketing campaigns. Measurement will be transformed from a “gut feel” to meaningful data that integrates with a bigger picture around the customer. With the right strategy, congresses will be a priority investment for leading brands who desire to win in the SUPERCHANNEL.





Over time, we’ll be able to look back and realize how the pandemic has helped transform congresses into a new “SUPERCHANNEL.” It’s a channel that will combine the best of virtual and in-person formats to expand access beyond our expectations while connecting to other marketing channels to enable personalized customer experiences, targeted content delivery, greater engagement for HCP, and deeper metrics.

To get more information on how to apply these findings to your business contact us today by sending us an email at [email protected].


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