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Tech Audience Insights

Impact XM recently conducted in-depth interviews with professionals that attend technology events and trade shows.

  • Approximately 33% were from outside North America
  • Range in functions from IT Manager to CIO
  • Represent companies from Fortune 500 to independent consultants
  • Mostly focused on networking and security solutions

Based on our conversations with these tech attendees, Impact XM developed the “Top Tech 20” – 20 insights that shine a light on how to design better even and trade show experiences for your target audience.

Here are top three findings and insights:

  1. Don’t waste their time – get them what they need quick. Create event experiences that demonstrate an appreciation for their time – quick, high value and relevant (connected to the issues we know they are facing).
  2. The best social media at events is people being social. Create events experiences that enable people to connect face-to-face. Facilitate live engagements with your leadership, your technical staff and your customers and prospects. Use social media for another engagement layer, not as a substitute to the live experience.
  3. Give the VIP the VIP treatment. Quickly identify attendee roles and enable special-care journey for high value targets.

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