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Weyerhaeuser IBS Exhibit

Reinventing Weyerhaeuser’s IBS Exhibit 

Since 1900, Weyerhaeuser Co. has been a premier producer of manufactured wood products within America. After utilizing a previous trade show exhibit for several years, the company felt it was time for an upgrade that would reflect the “roots” of the company for its trade show display at the International Builder’s Show (IBS).

Enlisting the help of Impact XM, Weyerhaeuser aimed to create something eye-catching that could incorporate their wood construction products in a new and captivating design. After the event, the final design was recognized in an Exhibitor Magazine article about “Ideas That Work.” Here’s how we worked with Weyerhaeuser to design their new trade show exhibit. 

When it came to executing the design, one of the primary challenges was to incorporate Weyerhaeuser’s wood construction products throughout the actual build. With over 40 wood products to showcase throughout the entire footprint, we integrated as many different products as we could, such as the hex ceiling structure which incorporated the company’s Trus Joist, 3D logos that were made from Parallam, and the walls of a private conference room were built from Oriented Standard Board.

Weyerhaeuser IBS Exhibit

One of the primary focal points of the exhibit was a series of three ‘trees’ constructed from Weyerhaeuser wood products which integrated tech displays that featured product demos and iPads to connect visitors to digital product hubs. Through the product ‘trees’, visitors could interact with product samples up close to get a better sense of what Weyerhaeuser has to offer. 

The creative team at Impact XM drew inspiration for the overall design from wooden sculptures and the company’s triangular logo. The hexagonal elements used throughout were chosen since the shape is the combination of triangles – reflecting Weyerhaeuser’s product cycle and the company’s different business units that come together to create a cohesive company. Ultimately, the focus on uniting the design with the company’s product offerings allowed Impact XM to create a display that was an accurate reflection of the brand and its values.

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