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Learning from Retail – Shop-in-Shop

The retail landscape is going through tectonic changes. On the surface, strange brand bedfellows are getting cozy with each other in retail environments. Dig deeper and it has logic (and kind of seems like a trade show). Look no further than Best Buy and its Shop-in-Shop strategy. https://thenextweb.com/insider/2013/08/24/why-are-apple-google-microsoft-and-samsung-so-interested-in-best-buy/#gref

Shop-in-shop is an established retail strategy where brands place anywhere from simple unmanned kiosks to larger, staffed, almost booth-like branded environments within another brand’s stores. How can this inspire how we create our exhibit strategies to offer new value and draw in more qualified attendees? For example:

  • Can you bring in one of your key partners or service organization to establish a booth space within your space? Can your co-presence bring in more qualified attendees than you would normally expect?
  • Does a company offer a complimentary product or service that is important to how your product is used? By bringing this company into your space can it enhance how you demonstrate your products at trade shows?
  • Do you have a user-group or user advisory group? Can they take space to draw and engage with customers?
  • Could you rethink your entire show participation and just provide a branded space that is totally occupied by your partner ecosystem – who by the way might really help defray your cost of participation? Rethink Best Buy.

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