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Impact XM Arcade Ignites the Atmosphere at EXHIBITORLIVE 2024!

Discover the excitement of EXHIBITORLIVE 2024 with Impact XM! With a surge in attendance and a bustling exhibit hall, we were thrilled to see EXHIBITORLIVE buzzing with new faces and growth. At our Impact XM Arcade, attendees engaged in interactive games showcasing our stress-free partnership approach, full-service capabilities, and commitment to sustainability, planting trees with every participation. Read on to explore some of our key takeaways for the event and a recap of the exhibit experience we created for this year’s audience. 

Key Takeaways from EXHIBITORLIVE 2024

  • Exhibitor Group, reported a more than 20% bump in total attendance and 40% increase in buyers year over year, according to David DuBois, president and CEO of Exhibitor Group 
  • The exhibit hall was open to buyers for 9.5 hours this year, compared with 10.5 hours last year. 
  • Featured 108 exhibitors across a variety of categories, including exhibit builders, event marketing agencies, freight providers, event tech companies and more 

Making Impact and Having Fun!

With attendee engagement at the top of mind, we were thrilled to bring the Impact XM Arcade to life at EXHIBITORLIVE! Taking inspiration from a variety of household and arcade games, we wanted to show attendees that partnering with your experiential agency should be nothing short of a blast.  

Using a passport found in their show bag, attendees navigated their way through the four games in our booth: 

  1. Whack-a-Mood: Whack away the frustration you’ve experienced with other agencies! Play Whack-a-Mood and see how partnering with Impact XM is a stress-free experience from start to finish. 
  2. Marketing Match-Up: Why use multiple agencies when you can get everything you need in one?! Play Marketing Match-Up to learn about Impact XM’s full-service capabilities from exhibits to brand activations. 
  3. Operations + Logistics: Searching for a partner who can support your project from end-to-end? Play Operations + Logistics and see how Impact XM is a reliable partner for every step of the process. 
  4. Well-Crafted Pinball: Creating a show-stopping experience is not always a linear process. Play Well-Crafted Pinball and get insight into Impact XM’s creative process when it comes to designing events and experiences. 

The coolest part of the whole experience? Each attendee got the opportunity to plant up to 20 trees towards our goal of 1,000. We are thrilled to share that by the end of Day 2, we reached that goal and have donated 1,000 trees to our partner the International Tree Foundation! These trees will be creating a big impact in Uganda for the Batwa Community of the Bwindi Forest! Thank you to everyone who participated at our booth – it means a lot to us, our partners, and the communities we are serving.

To learn more about Impact XM’s sustainability efforts, please visit: https://impact-xm.com/sustainability/ 

Why Uganda?

The Batwa Community of Bwindi Forest, Uganda

For centuries, the Batwa lived in harmony with Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, relying on it for their food, medicine and shelter. But in the 1990s, the Ugandan government evicted them from their homes in the forest.  

Now living in camps on the overexploited land surrounding Bwindi Forest, the Batwa live in poverty and struggle to maintain their traditional way of life. “Most of the challenges we face as Batwa is the high cost of food, high cost of school fees and medicine which was not the case in the forest,” says eighty-year-old Jovans Nyiragashibwa, a community elder. 

35,000 trees will be planted to grow new ‘pocket forests’ in the degraded surrounding landscape. These pocket forests will give the Batwa access to the crucial trees that are vital to their traditional way of life. Also, they’ll be able to sell some of these valuable plants, creating a resilient source of income for school fees, food and other necessities.  

Eric Tumuhebwe is 60 years old. Like others in the Batwa community, Eric is determined to use his deep knowledge of indigenous trees and plants to rebuild their lives outside Bwindi Forest. “We need this project to support the Batwa and communities to plant medicinal trees such as prunus africana and food trees to enable us to live a healthy life,” he says. “We also need to plant the medicinal trees we use to treat miscarriages in women.” 

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