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26 Hotels and Venues to Host Sustainable Events 

As environmental consciousness takes center stage, event planners need to start embracing environmental practices. Fortunately, a new wave of event venues and hotels prioritize eco-friendly operations while delivering impactful experiences. To assist you in hosting more sustainable events, we’ve curated a list of eco-conscious venues and hotels from around the world. Many of these establishments hold prestigious environmental certifications such as LEED, Green Seal, EarthCheck, and more. This comprehensive list offers a variety of options to perfectly suit your event needs, ensuring a memorable gathering while leaving a gentle footprint on the planet. 

North America

1 Hotel Toronto – Canada

For environmentally conscious travelers seeking a luxurious downtown Toronto experience, 1 Hotel Toronto stands out as the ideal choice. This LEED Gold certified establishment sets its position as a leader in sustainable hospitality. The hotel features a rooftop solar array, signifying its commitment to renewable energy. Additionally, 1 Hotel Toronto incorporates reclaimed wood throughout the property, they also prioritize locally sourced food, ensuring a connection to the surrounding region and supporting local producers.

The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge – Canada

Nestled amidst the beauty of Jasper National Park, Alberta, the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge is an iconic destination that prioritizes sustainable practices. This renowned lodge implements several initiatives to lessen their environmental impact, including a food waste composting program, a water conservation program, and a green cleaning program. 

San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel – USA

This sustainable hotel prioritizes environmental responsibility and has been awarded the “Environmentalist Level” certificate from the California Green Lodging program. The San Francisco Marriott Marquis offers a rooftop solar array that harnesses renewable energy. They’ve also implemented a rainwater harvesting system and a graywater recycling system, demonstrating their commitment to water conservation. 

Kimpton Shane Hotel – USA

The Kimpton Shane Hotel demonstrates the perfect blend of historic charm and sustainable practices. This meticulously renovated historic building showcases the hotel’s dedication to responsible resource use. Energy-efficient LED bulbs illuminate the spaces, while low-flow water systems promote water conservation. In addition, motion-activated HVAC units further optimize energy use. The Kimpton Shane Hotel’s commitment extends to its food offerings, prioritizing locally sourced ingredients. 

McCormick Place - USA

McCormick Place takes a multifaceted approach to sustainability, making it an ideal choice for executing sustainable events. They hold the Green Seal Certification, Level 1 APEX-ASTM Standard Certification, and LEED Certification, signifying their dedication to environmental responsibility across various aspects of their operations. The venue utilizes renewable energy sources like wind power to minimize its environmental footprint. Furthermore, McCormick Place has implemented extensive recycling and water conservation programs to ensure responsible resource management. 

Salt Palace Convention Center - USA

The Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City prioritizes environmental responsibility with its LEED Gold certification. This distinction signifies the center’s commitment to sustainable practices throughout its operations. The venue harnesses the power of the sun through its solar energy system and utilizes a graywater system. This sustainable event venue also boasts extensive recycling and composting programs, minimizing waste sent to landfills. 

Moscone Center - USA

The Moscone Center in San Francisco holds the distinction of LEED Platinum certification. This convention center features the largest solar roof in San Francisco, harnessing renewable energy to power its operations. Moscone Center additionally utilizes graywater systems to conserve water and implements high-efficiency fixtures throughout the facility. 

Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center - San Antonio, USA

The Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center demonstrates its commitment to sustainability through its LEED Silver certification. The center’s dedication extends to its landscaping, with drought-tolerant plants chosen for their minimal water requirements. Additionally, the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center prioritizes sustainable food sourcing and implements waste reduction initiatives. 

Vancouver Convention Centre - Vancouver, Canada

A leader in sustainable practices, the Vancouver Convention Centre boasts LEED Platinum certification. This commitment is evident in their utilization of natural ventilation to reduce reliance on mechanical systems and their rainwater harvesting system. The convention center’s impressive six-acre living roof, the largest in Canada and North America, is not only aesthetically pleasing but also features over 400,000 indigenous plants and grasses, contributing to biodiversity. The Vancouver Convention Centre is also committed to sustainable food sourcing, ensuring a connection to the local region. 


Lefay Resort & Spa Dolomiti - Italy

Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti exemplifies a commitment to be environmentally conscious throughout its design and operations. The resort prioritizes the use of sustainable materials, incorporating local wood and stone into its construction. Renewable energy sources like geothermal and solar power fuel the resort’s operations. The on-site organic restaurant sources ingredients from local producers and their own garden, showcasing a commitment to fresh, local flavors. The spa treatments offered are equally sustainable, utilizing natural and organic products to promote wellbeing. This sustainable hotel has implemented a Quality and Environmental Management System certified according to ISO 14001 and 9001 standards since 2008, demonstrating their ongoing dedication to responsible practices. 

Conscious Hotels Vondelpark - Netherlands

Conscious Hotels Vondelpark prioritizes sustainable practices in every aspect of the guest experience. The hotel champions eco-friendly methods by incorporating recycled and certified materials throughout the property. Their commitment extends to daily operations, with refillable soap dispensers reducing waste and a fair-trade laundromat ensuring responsible sourcing of linen cleaning services. Conscious Hotels Vondelpark taps into Dutch windmills for its energy needs, further minimizing its environmental impact. Water conservation is also a priority, with all bathrooms featuring water-saving systems. 

The Brewery - UK

The Brewery in London is a leader in sustainable events, having achieved and maintained accreditation for Sustainable Events Management Systems (ISO20121:2012) since 2013. Their commitment is evident in their move away from single-use plastics, offering a fully compostable range of disposable ware for events. The Brewery prioritizes waste reduction and local sourcing, minimizing their environmental footprint. They also demonstrate a commitment to responsible resource use by donating surplus items from events to charities and local primary schools, or reusing them in-house whenever possible. 

RAI Amsterdam - Netherlands

RAI Amsterdam stands out for its commitment to sustainability, holding certifications from LRQA (ISO 9001 & ISO 14001) and EarthCheck. The venue boasts the largest solar energy roof in the Netherlands, harnessing renewable energy to power its operations. Further echoing their dedication to environmental responsibility, RAI Amsterdam utilizes green roofs and natural daylighting whenever possible, minimizing reliance on artificial lighting and energy consumption. 

Fira Barcelona Gran Via - Spain

Fira Barcelona Gran Via prioritizes environmental responsibility and holds ISO 14001 certification, demonstrating their commitment to sustainable practices. The venue takes a multifaceted approach to energy use, consuming electricity from a diverse range of renewable sources. This includes solar, wind, hydraulic, tidal, and geothermal power, along with biomass and biogas. This sustainable event venue showcases its dedication to sustainability through the implementation of extensive green spaces and an on-site composting program. 


PARKROYAL COLLECTION Hotels on Pickering - Singapore

PARKROYAL on Pickering stands out as a leader in sustainable hospitality within Asia. The hotel features a stunning vertical garden, not only adding a unique aesthetic touch but also contributing to a more sustainable environment. Water conservation is a priority at PARKROYAL, with a rainwater harvesting system and a graywater recycling system in place. These systems ensure responsible water use throughout the property. They also have a BCA Green Mark Platinum certification, the highest green rating awarded in Singapore. 

Hotel Icon – Hong Kong

Hotel ICON stands out for its unwavering commitment to sustainability, evident in their certifications from the Hong Kong Green Organization and SGS for Indoor Environmental Quality. Their eco-friendly practices extend beyond certifications, encompassing energy-efficient designs, water-saving measures, and sustainable operations throughout the hotel. A prime example is their installation of Ultra Filtration & Purification Drinking Water Systems in each guestroom, a refreshing alternative to plastic water bottles. They’ve also transitioned to 100% electric transportation with Hong Kong’s first electric hotel shuttle bus. Additional sustainable options include in-shower dispensers, eco-friendly bathroom amenities, and laundry bags. Even the hotel’s beauty contributes to a greener environment with a stunning vertical garden housing over 8,603 plants of 71 species.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel - Singapore

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore stands out for its commitment to the environment, having achieved LEED Platinum certification and ISO 20121 certification. This sustainable hotel boasts the world’s largest rooftop solar panel collection, harnessing renewable energy to power its operations. Water conservation is also a priority at Marina Bay Sands, with a water management system that recycles rainwater, minimizing reliance on freshwater resources. 

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre – Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre demonstrates its dedication to sustainable event management through the ISO 20121 certification. This certification signifies the center’s commitment to responsible practices throughout the event’s lifecycle. The venue prioritizes energy efficiency by utilizing a harbor water cooling system and maximizing natural daylighting whenever possible. This sustainable event venue is also committed to waste reduction and implements recycling programs to minimize its environmental footprint. 

South America

W Bogota - Colombia

Located in the heart of Colombia’s capital city, W Bogota perfectly balances style with sustainability. Achieving LEED Gold certification, the hotel prioritizes environmental responsibility through its design elements, eco-friendly amenities, and energy-efficient systems. This commitment extends beyond eco-consciousness, fostering a connection with the local community through partnerships with Colombian artists. Furthermore, the hotel incorporates sustainable furnishings crafted by Waisbrod, a leading manufacturer in the field. A stay at W Bogota allows guests to experience the city’s vibrancy while minimizing their environmental footprint. 

InterContinental Buenos Aires - Argentina

Demonstrating a dedication to environmental and social responsibility, InterContinental Buenos Aires is a Green Globe Certified and ETIC Silver Certified hotel nestled within the city’s historic downtown. This sustainable hotel prioritizes sustainable practices like environmental management, waste reduction strategies, and energy conservation efforts. Furthermore, the hotel actively supports the community through development initiatives, and their dedication to ESG/CSR principles is evident in their elimination of single-use plastic straws.

Centro de Convenciones - Argentina

The Centro de Convenciones stands out for its commitment to sustainable practices, holding a LEED certification. This prestigious designation signifies the center’s dedication to responsible operations throughout its facilities. The venue implements a rainwater harvesting system to conserve water and utilizes energy-efficient lighting to minimize energy consumption. In addition, the Centro de Convenciones extends its environmental efforts by promoting responsible practices among event organizers, fostering a collaborative approach to hosting sustainable events. 

Expo Guadalajara - Mexico

Expo Guadalajara prioritizes sustainable solutions through a series of commendable practices. These practices include efficient waste management to minimize landfill waste, low-energy LED lighting to reduce energy consumption, and the promotion of local and organic food at events. This focus on local and organic ingredients not only supports the local economy but also reduces the environmental impact associated with long-distance food transportation. 


Ayers Rock Resort - Uluru

Ayers Rock Resort is a leader in sustainable hospitality practices in Australia. Their dedication is evident in their ECO certification by ECO Tourism Australia, a program recognizing responsible tourism operators. Their commitment to the environment extends throughout the resort’s operations, with the utilization of solar power to harness renewable energy, water-saving measures to conserve this resource in the arid region, and a focus on sourcing local produce whenever possible. This focus on local ingredients not only reduces the resort’s environmental footprint but also allows guests to experience the unique flavors of the region. 

International Convention Centre Sydney - Australia

The International Convention Centre in Sydney highlights their environmental responsibility with its LEED Gold certification. This designation signifies the commitment to sustainable practices throughout the venue’s operations. The center utilizes a rainwater harvesting system and maximizes natural daylighting to reduce reliance on artificial lighting. Furthermore, the International Convention Centre has extensive green spaces and features an on-site composting program, minimizing waste sent to landfills.


Hotel Verde Cape Town Airport – Cape Town

A beacon of sustainability in Africa, Hotel Verde Cape Town Airport goes beyond simply being Africa’s greenest hotel (LEED Platinum certified) – it integrates environmental responsibility into its very core. From the eco-friendly design and energy-efficient systems to waste reduction initiatives, the hotel operates with a deep commitment to minimizing its environmental impact. This dedication extends beyond the property itself, as Hotel Verde actively supports environmental education and community development programs. Guests can rest easy knowing their stay is 100% carbon-neutral, achieved through a combination of on-site water filtration and bottling, responsible procurement practices, meticulous recycling and waste management, and even energy-generating gym equipment.

Cape Town International Convention Centre – South Africa

The Cape Town International Convention Centre holds certifications for ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, and ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System, indicating their unrelenting commitment to responsible practices across various aspects of their operations. The venue utilizes a natural ventilation system to reduce reliance on mechanical cooling and features a rainwater harvesting system for water conservation. The Cape Town International Convention Centre is also committed in being energy efficient throughout its facilities. Their dedication to sustainability has been recognized with a Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle Special Award, a testament to their ongoing efforts. 

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