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What's your
top hat?

ExhibitorLIVE 2023 Impact XM

You Wear Many Hats.

Let’s lighten your load. 

We know that, as an experiential marketer, you wear multiple hats throughout the event planning process. Here at Impact XM, we’re well-acquainted with the rapidly changing roles and responsibilities of our clients.

Whether it’s putting on the strategy hat when thinking about creative solutions that address the needs of your audience or wearing a digital solutions hat when finding ways to increase engagement within your exhibit, or wearing an analytics & measurement hat when you’re focused on delivering ROI, our team can adapt to wear whichever hat best supports your goals!


What’s Your Top Hat?

Experience every hat for yourself.

Visit Impact XM at booth #901 at EXHIBITORLIVE and discover which hat fits you best! Explore the range of hats that our team wears every day and learn how we can build a deep partnership with your team to craft one-of-a-kind experiences with purpose!

Sign up below to schedule some time with our team at the show and for a chance to win a sustainable prize!
Paravel Luggage

Enter to Win a Sustainable Travel Set!

As a trade show marketer, you’re constantly on the road – why not travel in style with a sustainable luxury suitcase in tow?

This year, Impact XM will be giving away Paravel’s Ultimate Set made up of their four best sellers (a $1,300 value) to one lucky winner.

If you’re not familiar with Paravel (who were recently ranked on Fast Company’s 2023 The World’s Most Innovative Companies list), they are a brand at the intersection of travel and sustainability.

Upcycling over 5.5 million plastic bottles, this carbon neutral company uses recycled materials in 100% of their products.

3 EASY WAYS TO ENTER (multiple entries allowed):

  • Stop by booth #901 at EXHIBITORLIVE and discover your top hat.
  • Share a video of you wearing one of Impact XM’s many virtual hats on social media and tag us @ImpactXM using #MyTopHat.
  • Pre-schedule a meeting with our team using the form above!

P.S. We’ll be doing daily giveaways too so the more times you enter, the more chances you have to win!


Heather Griffin headshot


VP, Marketing
Impact XM

Don’t Forget the W.H.Y in Events – The Who, How and Why to Success

4/24, 10:00AM – 10:45AM

In the fast-paced world of events it is easy to forget why we are making the decisions we are. The W.H.Y in events goes beyond just understanding the purpose, objectives, and goals for your brand, you must also understand Who (W) your target is, How (H) you will truly connect with that audience, and Why (Y) your audience would care about your message or event.

In this session:

  • Hear some of the latest findings around marketing in 2022/2023 that may impact your event strategy
  • Discuss the difference between company-centric and attendee-centric goals
  • Discover ways to better understand your target audience (as it can change at each event)
  • Review and discuss some of the popular options to reach your audience and explore ways to personalize this interaction
  • Explore your brand’s customer value to be sure your brand successfully communicates the right message

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