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X well-crafted. by Impact XM, Refreshes Brand and Showcases Ever-Evolving Nature as an Industry Leader


The Leading Event and Experiential Marketing Agency’s Brand Refresh Reflects the Nearly 50-Year-Old Agency’s Creativity, Innovation, and Industry Footprint

Dayton, NJ – After nearly 50 years as a pioneer in the events and exhibits industry, Impact XM has announced its brand refresh: a campaign that will remain true to the agency’s storied history while also highlighting its evolution into a global, full-service experiential marketing agency. A new brand promise, “X well-crafted” will inspire the roll out, internally and externally, across updated brand values, brand book, anthem video, website, and social media. The “X” represents the variety of solutions and services required to create a brand experience. While, “well-crafted” speaks to how every element is approached with passion, purpose and pride.

“We began discussing a brand refresh back in 2019, wanting to showcase how we had evolved from a more traditional exhibit house company to an industry-leading brand that was pushing the boundaries of what experiential marketing could – and should – be,” said Jared Pollacco, CEO at Impact XM. “As our team rose up to meet the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, our solutions and capabilities evolved even faster and our desire to reflect our change became even more resolute. We’re more creative, more innovative, and more united than ever, and our brand should show that.”

In developing the refreshed brand persona, the Impact XM team worked to ensure that the brand reflected the strengths and culture of the agency while also honoring the incredible relationships and achievements built by the agency throughout its nearly 50-year history.

To properly capture its story, Impact XM’s process centered around three driving forces: its employees, its clients, and the industry. The agency conducted countless live interviews and surveys with employees to ensure that the refreshed brand would authentically reflect its capabilities and culture. At the same time, Impact XM invested in a third-party research company to engage its clients and receive unbiased feedback. Additionally, the agency considered the ever-changing industry of experiential marketing, assessing how it could best showcase its differentiators and emphasize its unique and leading services.

The refreshed brand will be apparent in a couple of key ways. The “X well-crafted.” story will take on new importance for the agency throughout its messaging and will continue to be featured in the solutions they deliver for their clients.  X well-crafted. translates into Impact XM partnering with clients to create immersive brand experiences that tell a compelling brand story across every relevant touchpoint – before, during and after the experience. Impact XM’s brand anthem video, website and social media will also showcase new guidelines, tone of voice, font, and visual aesthetic.

You can view the brand anthem video here.

To learn more about Impact XM and see the agency’s refreshed brand firsthand, visit www.impact-xm.com.

About Impact XM

Impact XM is a global, full-service event and experiential marketing agency with nearly 50 years of experience creating events, exhibits, environments, and engagements designed to tell brand stories that connect with people at a logical and emotional level. The experiences are custom-made for your brand, personalized to your audience, and designed to deliver the results you desire – all together this culminates into the right solution for you and what they call X well-crafted. Trusted by some of the world’s most respected organizations Impact XM clients operate across a variety of industries, including the Healthcare, Technology, and Industrial sectors. Headquartered in New Jersey, Impact XM maintains locations in Toronto, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Washington D.C. and Zurich, Switzerland. More information can be found at https://www.impact-xm.com.

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