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Press Release: Impact XM Launches XM-IQ

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January 8, 2018


Impact XM Launches XM-IQ: Digital Engagement Platform for Experiential Marketers


Dayton, NJ – Impact XM, a global experiential marketing agency with a forty-year heritage of crafting strategic audience engagements that power brand experiences, today announced the launch of XM-IQ, a digital attendee engagement platform that helps experiential marketers get significantly better results from trade shows, conferences and activations.


XM-IQ delivers more customer interactions and a better experience through:

  • Cost-effective attractants using gamification and contests
  • Matching messages and offers with attendee needs
  • Monitoring staff compliance and real-time performance coaching
  • Enabling surveys and voice of customer insights
  • Delivering traffic mapping and measurement


XM-IQ combines human behavioral science with proven digital technology, perfected over millions of participant interactions and customized for individual client needs.


“XM-IQ is for marketers who want to better target the right message to the right customer, assure their staff is on message, and understand the effectiveness of their experiential marketing budget through features such as traffic mapping,” said Jared Pollacco, President of Impact XM.


XM-IQ has been built through the acquisition by Impact XM of the proven software platform of Toronto-based Endo Networks Impact XM has also acquired select project management, engineering and programming staff. Endo Networks has over 15 years of experience in the live event space with their software deployed at over 800 events delivering over 11,000,000 interactions. With the acquisition of the Endo software, Impact XM will apply its’ 40+ years of experiential marketing expertise to the digital platform to optimize it across all trade shows, conferences and activations.


“We believe that XM-IQ will be a digital accelerant that will take face-to-face marketing to the next level in relevance and performance,” added Pollacco. “XM-IQ costs a fraction of the marketer’s overall investment, but can significantly increase the ROI of the overall investment.”


About Impact XM (www.impact-xm.com)
Impact XM crafts strategically driven, creatively focused brand stories through live and digital experiential marketing that delivers measurable results for its clients.
Trusted by some of the world’s most respected organizations, the agency has a forty-four-year heritage of insightful strategy, brilliant creative, smart fulfillment and purposeful metrics across business and consumer trade shows, user conferences, event activations and digital engagements. Impact XM clients operate across a variety of industries, including the Aviation, Healthcare, Technology and Industrial sectors.


Headquartered in New Jersey, Impact XM maintains locations in Toronto, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington D.C. and Zurich. More information can be found at: www.impact-xm.com.



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